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Evaluation International provides members with significant benefits including reports on evaluations and surveys.

For the year ended 31 March 2017

Members’ Benefits

Evaluation International (EI) has continued to provide members with significant benefits including reports on evaluations and surveys that enable economic selection, purchasing and maintenance decisions for instrumentation to be made. In addition, members have been able to exchange views and technical information at Technical Panel Meetings, receive regular newsletters and make use of the EI Website. The members’ section of the website contains a searchable database of over 1,600 reports produced by EI and its sister organisations, WIB and EXERA. At the time of writing, work is being carried out on the EI website to improve the structure and searchability of the reports index. We are also planning to digitise the paper copies of reports which were published before the year 2000 as the EI office still receives regular requests for older reports.


Turnover for the year was £189,088 compared with £187,273 for 2015-16. The amount allocated to project work was £125,821 compared with £152,605 in 2015-16. This figure is liable to fluctuate dependent on the amount of sponsorship of projects by members and instrument makers. All member requirements for the year were met and EI generated a surplus of £17,625. This surplus will be carried over into the 2017-18 Evaluation Programme which already contains some major projects. Total administrative costs increased to £46,072 compared with £39,860 in 2015-16. This increase was largely due to commissioning the company Achieve UK to promote EI through telesales to potential members. This exercise resulted in recruiting South Staffs Water as a new member and Southern and Welsh Water as sponsors of the water meter accuracy project originally proposed by Severn Trent Water. Achieve have also been asked to extend their marketing to the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Reports Produced in 2016-17

From its 2016-17 programme, EI produced 4 major evaluation reports compared with 5 evaluations and surveys in the previous year. We also produced the three-year statistical review of comparing findings in EI, WIB and EXERA evaluations against manufacturers’ claims. Finally, we purchased a licence to distribute the EEMUA report on Electrical Safety of Instruments to all EI members and to WIB and EXERA. The smaller number of reports produced is a reflection of the increasing costs of carrying out major evaluations of instruments.

In order to seek to return to a situation where more reports are produced each year, the EI Members have agreed to a proposal whereby the first £15,000 of any project will in future be paid for from EI funds and any balance would be funded by one or more interested member companies and/or by the instrument manufacturer in question.

At the beginning of the 2017-18 financial year, EI is already committed to examine the mechanical performance of a helical thermowell, use of an ultrasonic flow meter at high temperature, water meter accuracy on large diameter distribution pipes and an optical dewpoint transmitter. We also have requests to examine a micro-pilot radar system and a P&B protection relays and to carry out a number of EMC studies.

In addition to the 4 reports produced in the year by EI, members have also received 1 report published by WIB and 6 reports by EXERA as part of the ongoing report exchange agreement between the three associations. This makes a total 11 reports as a principal benefit of membership. The WIB situation reflects a recent decision by WIB to concentrate more on running specialised working groups and less on generating evaluation and survey reports. Dates of the meetings of these working groups are publicised to EI members on a monthly basis and some members have attended these English language meetings at WIB member sites in The Netherlands.

Exchange of Technical Information

The autumn 2016 Technical Panel Meeting was hosted by Severn Trent Water in Coventry. The spring 2017 meeting was held at the Siemens’ site in Worcester, and both included technical presentations.

The autumn 2017 meeting will be hosted by Omniflex in Stockport and we have offers by member companies AWE and BP to host meetings in 2017-18.

Liaison between EI, WIB, EXERA and NAMUR
EI continues to work closely with its sister organisations, WIB in the Netherlands and EXERA in France to ensure that instrument evaluation programmes are complementary and that no duplication of work occurs.

EI was represented at a meeting in Maastricht called by the German process industry technology association, NAMUR. Other organisations represented included WIB and EXERA and the four associations are now collaborating under the acronym NEWE. A further meeting has been arranged in London September 2017 and will be organised by EI in collaboration with EEMUA, the Engineering Equipment & Materials Users Association.

Membership and Administration
At the end of March 2017, EI had 18 members including a consortium of Swedish companies whose membership is organised by SIP – the Swedish Standardiserad Instrumentprovning organisation. We are very pleased to report that the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and South Staffs Water came into membership of EI on 1st April 2017.

In concluding I would like to thank the staff of Abacus Communications who have very effectively managed the day to day operations of EI. Your Directors have remained in strategic control and have held five Board meetings during the year, in conjunction with detailed management meetings with Abacus. Finally I would also like to thank my fellow directors and our company secretary for their continuing commitment and support.

C D Barr, Chairman
June 2017. 

Evaluation International Directors

C D Barr - Consultant

A Hill - BAE Systems, Submarine Solutions

P Kaine - EDF Energy Generation Ltd

A L Thomas - Consultant

C James - Rolls-Royce Nuclear

Company Secretary

Greg Ward

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