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Infrared Long Optical Travel Explosion Meter Model Search Line Excel


This report describes the evaluation of an infrared long optical travel explosion meter or infrared beam based barrier sensor, model SearchLine Excel manufactured in the UK by Zellweger Analytics Limited and sold in France by Zellweger Analytics SA. This device was evaluated in line with a test specification drawn up by EXERA's technical commission in agreement with the manufacturer. The purpose of this test specification is to evaluate the device both from a metrological point of view as well as under true operating conditions. The device forms a system for detecting explosive gas using an open optical path. It comprises a source and a receiver located 40 to 120 meters apart for the medium range model tested. The transmitter transmits an infrared frequency beam received by the receiver which produces a 4-20 mA analog signal that is equivalent to 0-5 LEL.m for propane (the gas detected in our application). The analog signal below 4 mA is used for fault signals and the 21 mA signal as an out of scale range signal. The device has two alarm relays, set by default to 1 and 3 LEL.m, that were not tested during the evaluation. The gas detection function is a continuous one.





5.3 - Toxic gas, oxygen deficiency detectors




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