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Evaluation International are pleased to announce the establishment of a national EMPHASIS ASSESSMENT register which is being made available to Evaluation International Member companies.  This register brings together all planned, in-progress and complete Emphasis Assessments, undertaken on behalf of the Sponsor Companies. 

In addition to this Evaluation International has established a Working Group to oversee the development of the Register and supporting services. Any organisations wishing to access the register or participate in the working group should email: enquiries@evaluation-international.com and a member of our team will be happy to assist.



Evaluation International has bilateral agreements with both EXERA and WIB. These agreements enable EI member companies to access the reports produced by these associations and to collaborate in working groups and projects. 

In addition, EI participates in a wider consortium of end-user organisations across Europe with member companies that operate on a global scale. The aim of this consortium is to ensure that the widest possible community of large-scale EC & I end-user organisations are provided with a platform on which to share knowledge, network, collaborate and share.

The consortium includes the following organisations:


EXERA – the French end-users association for industrial automation. [https://www.exera.com]
WIB – a process automation users association covering the Netherlands and Belgium. [https://www.wib.nl]
CLUI – the Italian Association for Automation and Instrumentation Systems. [http://www.cluias.it]
NAMUR – the German end-user association of automation technology and digitalisation in process industries. [https://www.namur.net]


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Testing of 20 inch Flow Meters for Water Application


A series of installation effect tests was carried out on four NIVUS flow meters. The flow meters were an 8-path inline ultrasonic meter (USM), a 4-path inline USM, an electromagnetic meter (EM) and a clamp-on USM. All flow meters were nominally 20-inch in diameter or in the case of the clamp-on USM installed on a 20-inch pipe. A test program was devised to simulate in-service installations and to evaluate the performance of the flow meters under these conditions. A metering package was constructed consisting of all four meters. This entire metering package was installed into two different installations types; straight length and U-shape pipe work. Different disturbances were installed upstream of the metering package and the meters. To give an indication of the performance of each meter, the manufacturer’s claimed uncertainty at a mid point flow rate of 100 l/s was determined. This value was compared with the result at the set flow rate value. A table for this assessment was produced which indicated if the meter was within or not within the manufacturer’s claimed uncertainty value at this condition.





3.4 - Ultrasonic flowmeters






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