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Evaluation International arranges independent evaluations of the instruments our membership are considering purchasing.

Membership Benefits

  • Savings on in-house evaluations in both time and money

  • Comprehensive evaluations to recognised standards

  • Capital and revenue savings on buying and operating the most cost effective instruments

  • More effective process control resulting in reduced raw material costs

  • Reduction in risk of process failure or breaches of discharge consents

  • Reduction in risk of prosecution through discharge or emission failure

  • Purchasing based on proven technology and suitability for purpose

  • Evidence of compliance with standards and specifications


Who is eligible for Membership?

Membership is open to all users and specifiers of instruments for process control, process measurement, process monitoring and for environmental monitoring, measurement and control. Although most members are large companies, small organisations are welcome and arrangements can be made for group or associate membership.

Although instrument makers are not eligible to become members of EI, we do work very closely with a number of instrument companies which support and sponsor evaluations of their instruments.

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