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Evaluation International are pleased to announce the establishment of a national EMPHASIS ASSESSMENT register which is being made available to Evaluation International Member companies.  This register brings together all planned, in-progress and complete Emphasis Assessments, undertaken on behalf of the Sponsor Companies. 

In addition to this Evaluation International has established a Working Group to oversee the development of the Register and supporting services. Any organisations wishing to access the register or participate in the working group should email: enquiries@evaluation-international.com and a member of our team will be happy to assist.

In 2018 McCrometer introduced the FPI Probe to the UK Water industry and the benefits of the probe were advertised with accuracy and user friendly installation at the forefront. The FPI probe had “game changing” potential verus the traditional meters for monitoring flows on large diameter mains whereby mains were shut off for installation.


Evaluation International (EI) led vigorous hydraulic scenarios directed by expert water industry professionals at the National Engineering Laboratory (NEL) in East Kilbride where a total of 64 tests were performed on both 250mm and 500mm within an UKCAS accredited flow rig. With each test devised representing distinctive and diverse scenarios potentially faced by an installed FPI Probe deployed in the field. Mikal Willmott, Analyst at Severn Trent with more than 15 years’ experience of flow measurement, said “The testing carried out by EI gave us the confidence to use the FPI probe. Without the testing it’s unlikely we would have used the FPI probe. “

NEL, accredited for its high quality flow measurement and calibration rigs, completed testing in 2019 with a technical report made available to EI members shortly afterwards detailing the studies and a presentation was also given at an EI technical member’s forum where comparisons were made against the FPI Probe performance to water flow meters previously tested by EI. 

On the back of the EI testing, Severn Trent purchased five FPI Probes and began the installation program where they are expected to half their installation costs. The saving Severn Trent has made from installing these five probes according to Willmott has already offset Severn Trent’s contribution “several times”. Willmott goes on to say “Collaborating with EI has made good economic sense and improved our technical knowledge. This means we can make more informed choices about our investments. Ensuring we use the right technology in the right locations.”