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Evaluation International is a member owned and driven not-for-profit organisation. We focus exclusively on delivering value to member organisations through the projects we undertake, on their behalf.

For our members, Evaluation International is a trusted provider of cost effective independent performance information and guidance on EC&I devices. We support their engineering and purchasing decision making processes where safety is paramount, implementation costs are high or the cost of error / failure are significant.

With a library of over 1,700 independent reports and an active programme of new projects, Evaluation International offers members a unique technical resource.  Through our sister organisations in France, The Netherlands and Sweden, we also enable member companies to tap into an extended and trusted network of around 100 instrument user companies across Europe.

Evaluation International are pleased to announce the establishment of a national EMPHASIS ASSESSMENT register which is being made available to Evaluation International Member companies.  This register brings together all planned, in-progress and complete Emphasis Assessments, undertaken on behalf of the Sponsor Companies. 

In addition to this Evaluation International has established a Working Group to oversee the development of the Register and supporting services. Any organisations wishing to access the register or participate in the working group should email: enquiries@evaluation-international.com and a member of our team will be happy to assist.


Paul Kaine, EDF Energy

"As long standing members of Evaluation International we are delighted with this initiative. 

The ability to see what has already been qualified and what activities are underway or planned will greatly improve collaboration across the industry, resulting in easier access to information on a wider range of qualified instruments"

Phil Rose, AWE

"For the first time, the nuclear industry has a single register for all Emphasis assessments completed on devices for use in nuclear safety. 

With the Evaluation International Emphasis register, we have the ability for instrument specifiers to see across planned, in-progress and completed device assessments for use in nuclear safety applications. 

The cost and time savings generated by use of the register can be considerable. For all those involved in specifying, designing and operating safety systems for nuclear applications, this is a welcome and valuable resource"